Venture Up and the benefits to the Public Sector

Getting onto the Crown Commercial Services staffing framework this year is up there as one of the highlights of my time at Venture Up!

Since founding the company back in 2017, our background has been in the private sector – we have worked with some of the fastest-growing and most impactful tech companies in Europe such as Ocado and Deliveroo and also some leading VCs.

But we have always wanted to bring our experience to the Public Sector. The chance to build teams that develop platforms and services that directly affect our friends and families on a daily basis – there could not be a better mission for us! 

So to finally be able to do that has been amazing. 

It’s been really exciting talking to tech leaders across the public sector over the last few months to learn more about the challenges they face in hiring and retaining the best talent, in what is a very competitive market. And from this, it has been great to understand how the years of experience we have built at Venture Up can solve their problems. 

Here are the 5 reasons why;  

  1. Our team are all experts – Our consultants have an average of 7.8 years of experience working in the tech sector (over 50 years in total!). We have built a focused team of some of the best consultants so you know when dealing with us you will be partnering with a genuine expert in the area.
  2. They deliver talent at speed, at scale and of the highest quality – because of this experience we will deliver the right talent for you, rapidly. Our average CV:Interview ratio of 3:2 is proof of that. Working with us means you save time and will hire faster.
  3. Private sector networks! We’ve spent a combined 50 years building our networks in the public sector. Partnering with us means we will give you access to this network (along with over 80k candidates on our database) so you get the best from both this and the public sector 
  4. EDI – So many people have stressed (rightly) the importance of driving diversity and inclusion. We focus on building the most diverse shortlists and every member of our team is trained on how to run campaigns to attract the most diverse and inclusive pool of candidates
  5. We are true consultants – this is a genuine profession for us. We have worked with some of the best HR, People and Tech leads (and continue to do so!) across Europe. We get to learn from this the good and the bad of recruitment. Attracting and retaining talent is tough without great internal processes and approach – we can work with you to continue to make sure your recruitment processes are up to date and continually evolving to ensure you attract AND retain the best talent! 

So, working with us means that you know you will be getting access to the best and most diverse possible talent pool available from across the market, rapidly. And you will get access to all of the knowledge we are continuously building from working with tech teams and decision makers from across Europe. 

If you are in the public sector, looking to hire and want to work with experts in the tech sector who will deliver what you need and any advice as well, please get in touch! 

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