Flexible Recruitment Solutions

At Venture Up we offer both an Agency and Embedded Talent Solution. This means that we can flex our support and services constantly and rapidly around your needs. We understand the relationship you need with us will change and evolve (often monthly!) – by offering both services no matter where you are in your growth and journey we can support you!

So what service is best for you? This will vary and is unique to every situation. But generally we find our Agency service is perfect if you either need support on either a few specialist roles, or if you need long term support on hiring a manageable number of roles. Our agency provides the services of expert consultants to support you.

But if you are experiencing a sudden surge of hiring and need support not only to source talent but to manage the end-to-end process, our Embedded Talent Solution is designed for this. Partners that have used this service have included VC-backed companies who have a sudden injection of funding and need to hire a huge number of people in a short time frame! Our specialist consultants come onsite (physically or remotely) to manage and run the whole recruitment process, so you can focus on scaling.

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Our people are what makes us awesome

With over 40 combined years of working in the tech space, we know the challenges you face. Whether that’s the opportunity cost of having an empty seat or justifying the VC funding you’ve secured, or just balancing the time involved in hiring with actually doing your day job.

Each member of the Venture Up team is an experienced consultant with proven track records delivering to leading tech driven companies. Working with our team means you know you will be working with an expert. You’ll find the Venture Up team are responsive, inquisitive, reliable and, most importantly, effective in getting results.

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